Every year, when holidays approach, people begin to ponder on where to spend this year's vacation. They wonder whether to stay in their country and go to the sea, mountains or lakes, or perhaps go for something more adventurous and unconventional. Travelling abroad has both its drawbacks and its advantages. Let's start with the pros. You will certainly be able to improve your language skills while on holiday abroad. Another advantage is discovering a foreign country's landscape, culture and various tourist attractions – you will see how your country compares. True, holidays abroad tend to be a bit more expensive than holidays in your own country, but many people still associate going abroad with ridiculously high expenses and for this reason they often choose domestic holidays. Going abroad also means experiencing new dishes, some of which we will enjoy. In addition, we can also do shopping and buy items that are nowhere to be found in our country. Vacations abroad have many advantages which attract more and more people every year. Unfortunately, things aren’t all rosy, there are some drawbacks. People lacking basic language skills may have problems with communication and bargaining, which means that they won’t get what they’ve asked for, or they’ll get a lousy deal. Another disadvantage of not knowing the language arises when we don’t know our whereabouts and need directions. Also worth mentioning is the fact that, while holidays in European countries are rather safe, exotic countries carry a risk of disease or even epidemics (does not happen often, but the risk exists). Ignorance of foreign customs and traditions can lead to problems, because some behaviours that are considered inappropriate in your country may be quite natural elsewhere and vice versa. Finally, there’s a danger associated with political unrest or even terrorist attacks in some countries - even though tourists are usually not targeted, there is always some risk of being harmed in such an attack. To sum up, holidays abroad have both pros and cons and if someone doesn’t mind the aforementioned risks they will surely be satisfied. Holidays abroad are certainly recommended for those who are tired of always spending their vacations at home. Remember, no matter where you spend your holiday, it's important to have fun and have a good rest.

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    This tour takes you to the most marvelous regions of Vietnam, where you can learn about the lives of the local ethnic peoples, visit the mountains and the Black H'mong communities of Dong Van and traverse the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Experience the magic of Ba Be Lake, through another very spectacular mountain road.

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    The best activity to explore Ba Be national park is trekking, the best way to discover Ba Be Lake is seeing the landscapes on the lake by boat. This small-group trekking trip four days in Ba Be will takes you into the remote villages on the western side of Ba Be National Park and gives you the opportunity to experience the real tropical forests. It is for people with at least moderate to good fitness levels and a good spirit of adventure.

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    This 3- day adventure will take you through the karst-studded waters of Lan Ha Bay to the stunning Cat Ba Island. As well as, taking in some of the most incredible areas in the north of Vietnam, this action-packed trip is full of unforgettable experiences including cruising on a traditional wooden sailboat, hiking through a beautiful national park, staying with local families, discovering caves system and kayaking. This tour takes you away from the crowded tourist areas so you really enjoy the beauty of this stunning bay.

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    Ba Be National Park - Ba Be Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam with exceptional biodiversity including a population of langurs, over 200 bird and 350 butterfly species, geological treasures and mature primary limestone forests. In places like this, careless tourism can bring human disturbances and endanger this heritage, while thoughtful tourism with a controlled impact can provide excellent support to conservation projects in the area and help the economies of local people. We share your desire for the latter option and promise that nature knows how to return your kindness. Surrounded by the lush green of the forest, we hope you enjoy your time spent exploring the lakes, caves, mountains and jungles.

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    Seven legendary days from Hanoi to Hoi An. Immerse yourself in the local culture, culinary delights and scenic landscapes on a journey through rural Vietnam. Mr Linh's Adventures has been designed by travellers for travellers. It showcases some of the most spectacular “off the beaten track” destinations while keeping a fun and relaxed atmosphere, all being enjoyed with a bunch of like minded souls.

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    The endless plains of East Africa are the setting of the World’s greatest spectacle-the pounding of over 6 million hooves! From the vast Serengeti plains to the Champagne coloured hills of Kenya’s Masai Mara. Over 1 million wildebeest, 300,000 Thompson gazelles and some 200,000 zebras relentlessly tracked by Africa’s greatest predators, migrate in a clockwise fashion over 1,800 miles each year in search of green pastures. This continual perilous trek in search of nature’s big green carpet involves no beginning or end to a wildebeest journey.

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    The remote areas of Ha Giang offer travelling experiences like no other, the cultural diversity and uniquely beautiful landscapes remain pure and unspoilt by the modern day trappings. This tour gives you the chance to take in the highlights of this remarkable region, making the most of your time by staying with families to maximise your cultural discovery.

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    one day tour start in the morning at Bangkok

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    Start from any hotel in Bangkok

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    Vietnam is a tropical county in the South - East of Asia. This is beautiful country with many famous and attractive tourist sites such as: Halong Bay - The Natural Heritage Site, Sapa Highland, Hanoi Historical City, Hue Ancient Citadel, Da Nang - A modern city, Hoi An Ancient town - Nature Heritage Site, Nha Trang beautiful beach, Unique of Mekong Delta, Active of Sai Gon (Or Ho Chi Min City)....

    This 10 days package will bring you alon Vietnam from the North to the South. You will arrive first in Hanoi - The capital of Vietnam and finish in Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam.

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    v  Experience the daily life of local people with your stay in bungalow in the village

    v  Discovery the unique and panoramic view from Mua Cave

    v  Enjoy beautiful scenery of Tam Coc Landscape

    v  Relaxing with simple Cooking lesion and Afternoon Tea

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    • Experiencing the red river delta with green fields on the way
    • Visiting Hoa Lu ancient citadel with old temples in 17th Century
    • Cycling to Hang Mua with spectacular view from above
    • Cooking class in the bungalow
    • Staying overnight at Tam Coc bungalow with beautiful scenery
    • Visiting local market
    • Doing boat ride in Tam Coc
    • Enjoying time with Afternoon Tea
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    2 Days gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda takes visitors to Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park – the home to 10 habituated mountain gorilla families.

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