Fransisca's Jakarta walk through Chinatown

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  • Duration - Multi-day Trips
  • Mapsterlocation - (-6.17511, 106.86503949999997)

" Although it's the main urban destination in Indonesia, Jakarta is more than just skyscraper buildings, malls, and hype cafes in Kemang area. With usually only a short amount of time you'll have here, I bet you'd love to see the real side of this city. If you're more like an explorer than a tourist, let me show you the other side of Jakarta by visiting some of my favorite places within the Chinatown area. We'll get to start early at 8.30 AM and explore the long street of a traditional market which hosts many amazing street foods that you can try. After that, we'll visit a Buddhist temple, and go to my favorite noodle stall within the area, tucked away in the middle of a small alley. We'll then continue our journey to one of my favorite old coffee shops in Cikini area. You get to choose between the one in Cikini or nearby Chinatown Area. I love photography and hearing stories of new people, so let's have a great time together! Price included: Walking tour Breakfast at the noodle stall Some snacks from the market Coffee " " If you're an explorer that this Jakarta walk is for you Visit one of my favorite places Try some amazing Jakarta street food and enjoy my favorite noodle stall Visit an old coffee shop and drink some great brewed coffee Duration: 2-3 hours Hi, I'm Fransisca, born and bred in Jakarta. I love photography and hearing stories of new people, so let's have a great time together! " Hi, I'm Fransisca a native from Jakarta. My passion is photography and travel and I would love to share with you the hidden sight of Jakarta. Hope to meet you soon!

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